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Beaches of Curacao

Curacao, a paradise in the Caribbean that is surrounded by the clearest blue water you will ever see.

Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao, also known as Little Curacao, is a remote uninhabited island 15 miles off the southeast tip of Curacao. It’s the longest and whitest beach in Curacao with the most gorgeous crystal-clear aqua water. There is an old lighthouse, huts, and a beach house on this island.

Grote knip, west punt

This beach is located entirely on the west coast of Curaçao and is still very authentic. Do not expect large beach tents or luxury beds here, but rocks and lots of sand. Striking on the beach is the very wide strip of bright blue water and the possibility of diving into the sea from cliffs.

Playa Lagun

The beautiful beach of Lagun lies between two cliffs. The rocks are a perfect place for fish or turtles to hide. therefore, it is a perfect place for snorkeling. At Playa Lagun you can also still see authentic fishermen doing their job, both on the water and on the beach, where they clean and sell the fish.

Cas Abou

For relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming in clear blue seas, Cas Abou is the place to go. There are some palapas and palm trees for shade, chairs for rent, and food and drink available. Cas Abou is a favorite among beach-loving tourists.

Mambo beach

For those interested in partying on the beach, head to the man-made Mambo Beach. It is also known as Sea aquarium Beach, east of Willemstad, for everything from white sand, blue waters, dolphin academy, large dive operation, a music stage to a shopping mall with free parking.

Porto Marie

This beach, mostly popular with tourists, has it all. Perfect for relaxing, snorkeling or having some fun in the sun with your family or friends. It also features a great sea-side restaurant and offers one of the best diving experiences on the island.

Playa Piscado (Grandi)

Beautiful dive site near the town of West Point. You can see beautiful fields of corals and gorgonians. Snappers, trumpet fish and turtles are permanent residents. The turtles are in the shallow area around 5 meters. After a short swim you will see the statue of Neptune. This statue was sunk by the fisherman to enforce a safe return and a good catch.

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